Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it Fall?

OK so the warmer weather is here but what the heck....why should I feel the need to be wearing a fleece?

It's just not right! Did Mother Nature forget the summer season?

NH summers are normally hot in the 90's and humid......he hmmmmm where are you?

We are having cool breezes and 60-70 degree weather. We are being jipped! As for rain bucketloads!

We suffer the 6 months of icy snow and then bask in the hot sun during the 3 months of summer trying to warm up our old bones.

Not this year.

Maybe it is time to move somewhere with a kinder climate......oh yes I forgot that there is a recession on i.e. everything has gone up in price except for the wages that have come down.

Number 2 is off camping I would have packed his ski jacket for warmth except that he lost it in the Spring the rotter!

Wish me luck I am taking number one & my niece to the Mall....now there is a stressful scenario!


Limey said...

My husband and I were in NH this weekend - glorious weather! We stopped by Hampton beach for a while - the weather was exquisite. But, then all of a sudden Boston turned a bit chilly, though sunny. This summer is certainly confused!

Expat mum said...

In five years time both my teenagers will have finished high school and the little one will be between lower and middle school - the perfect time to up sticks and find a better climate. I've already started doing my homework.