Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yoda Lives!

Here is a funny story.

My 6 year old is addicted to Star Wars in a very obsessive way...if he could be an Ewok he would be one.

One rainy day in NH (yes the 5 millionth one) I took the crew to go & paint pottery before they killed each other at home.

To my 6 year olds delight there were 2 naked Yoda's waiting to be painted. He choose one ....anything for an easy life as I am at that stage of the summer vacation!

This kept him busy for a good hour and a half. The other children were also engrossed in their painting...what bliss!

Then of course followed the "we're starving" routine. So my sister n law & I plus the 6 year old nipped to a store to get snacks. That is when things started to go wrong.

I was in line at the store when I received a phone call from my daughter. Unfortunately there had been an accident and my niece had knocked the table & Yoda had fallen & broken into hundreds of pieces! I.E. he was no more!

My first reaction was thank god my child was with us as he is still prone to tantrums and it would have been a 911 call to the police to come & control him!

Apparently as Yoda fell the whole shop gasped & then went silent. Of course it was full as what else do you do with kids on a rainy day on vacation?

However luck was on our side. They grabbed the last naked Yoda & all started to paint him.

I explained to my sister in law that we needed to stall for time by speaking french and spelling words so that my child could not comprehend what was going on. Her face was a picture!

Ten minutes later we got the "all clear" call and returned to get the rest of the clan.

Three days later we picked up their masterpieces to bring home. Number 3 was so proud of his Yoda..bragging about how hard he had worked, is it really good mummy etc, etc?

We have decided not to tell him until he graduates!

Meanwhile Yoda sits on his windowsill so that he can wave to him on our return home every day!

Photo's to follow


Expat mum said...

Aah! My 6 year old switched allegiance to the Hulk when we bought new underpants yesterday!
E-mail me at about guesting at Pond Parleys.

Smocha said...

Kids, ya gotta love 'em:)