Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer days where are you?

Oh my this weather is a killer! Summer in NH is supposed to be hot lazy days at the beach, jumping in the lake as you are so, so, so hot, BBQ's, margarita's, day trips to the ocean, playing croquet on the lawn, wiffle ball, large family parties & just trying to stay cool.

Not this year!

I believe that we have had rain 23 out of 26 days and not just a drizzly rain. The kind of holy moly look at the floods kind of rain.

Needless to say we are all a little damp & heading towards the doldrums. I also have guests from the UK so I am trying hard to invent stuff to do every day.

Yesterday it was the maybe we will paint pottery? Hiking is out as the mosquito's are in full breed mode & the English need a trip to the pharmacy for every bite! We did pick strawberries however they are a little mushy!

So what is everybody else doing in this lousy weather? My age range to keep amused is aged 6-14 years old which is also a wee bit challenging!

Come on sun!


Expat mum said...

Yes, we have it here too in the mid-west. My little guy was in a camp from 11-3pm which was perfect, but I was called to bring him home as he thought he might throw up. So now all he wants to do is lie on the sofa and watch TV. And who am I to argue with a sick kid?

Limey said...

Struggling down here in Boston to believe it is summer. How miserable... Where's the temperate, delightful New England summer? I thought summer and fall were meant to make up for the appalling winters!

Almost American said...

It can be hard to find things to do without spending more $$ - especially when entertaining overseas guests! You don't want to do things they could do at home!

DD had fun yesterday afternoon during a thunderstorm making herself some earrings. She won't be getting her ears pierced till camp (and daily swimming) is over, but she's planning ahead! Of course now she wants to make more - and the Fire Mountain Gems catalog arrived today :-(

We've got a membership to a couple of local museums - well worth the annual fee, especially as it's tax deductible! My kids wanted to go back to the Fort at No. 4 this year but it's closed for the season :-( Another year it might be a good (long?) day trip for you!

All the things I can think of involve spending $ :-( The scenic railroad? (You've probably done that already!) Ruggles Mine? The Shaker Village? The Castle in the Clouds? Can you sign the visiting kids up for a local camp so they get an American experience? The Loon Center is free!

Your area in the summer is all about being outside!

Daffodilly said...

Oh Expat mum sickness is not a good thing especially when you have muliples! Good luck with that one.

Almost American we hit the pottery painting place yesterday a nice $80.00 drop! W have done the places you mentioned however maybe it is time to re-visit if the weether stays so naff!

Thanks for your suggestions ladies!