Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bah Humbug!

I have two ways of looking at Christmas:

1. I love to receive photo cards to see people who I never get chance to re-connect with & to view their children.

There again what do you do with them all afterwards? I feel guilty chucking them!

2. I love the sparkly lights everywhere & walking through the snow laden streets as it really fels like "its" here.

What a waste of electricity!

3. All the baking of cookies & chocolate covered pretzels feels so special...

until it hits the hips!

4. The excitement in the air as the kids count down the days to go.

Putting pressure on the parents...will it arrive on time...shit how much more do I have to do?

5. Seeing the pile of presents grow under the tree as the British parcels arrive & are all given a good poke & shake!

Please do not let any of them break!

6. Getting together with friends for drinks & nibbles.

Wishing you had not had that last drink where you grabbed the microphone & sang "like a virgin" girating your hips & all!!

7. Not exercising as you are just sooo tired.

Your aching muscles as you re-new yet again your resolution to go to the gym more regularly.

8. I love Christmas Eve when it is all done and you can relax & wait for the excited voices to wake you up in the morning.

The "wow that was all over very quckly" took months of  buying & packing that lot!

9. Keeping old traditions such as Christmas crackers  (we make our guests wear the crappy crowns) and introducing new ones such as making reindeer food.

No moan on that one!

10. Reading Christmas stories to the kids snuggled up by the tree.

No moan on that one either!

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bluepoppy said...

uh, #6 will require a bit more explaining when next I see you, Missy . .