Thursday, December 31, 2009

Start the year with a great dump!

So goodbye 2009 I guess you were more gentle on us than 2008.

The snow is coming down and it is intending to snow all night and tomorrow day.

What a great way to start 2010 with a good dump!

Here are the photos when it has been snowing for 2 hours...tomorrow will reveal the dump load in its full glory!

I felt that it was a good time to clear out the old & bring in the new so we had a sock fest. This photo shows all of our family's socks that have lost a partner throughout the year...quite frightening indeed! We did manage to make a couple of pairs but that is all. I felt guilty chucking 15 odd socks out. I should have made puppets out of them?

What the heck time for a clear out Daffodilly.

So I wish you all a warm and a lucky 2010.

And of course World Peace! 

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Almost American said...

I've just done a similar sort-out of the socks here. I swear the washing machine eats socks! DH says that's not possible. (BTW, he says thank you for the comment and is thinking of more recipes to share!)

I was thinking of you this afternoon - out shopping at my local yarn store and kept hearing a woman with an English accent. She got in a car with NH plates when she left.