Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guilt Pays!

An exciting day at our house yesterday as number 3 lost his first tooth!

Now being a Superdoopermum when my other two lost teeth we had a great build up as I have a broad imagination & I love all the magical fairy tales. We had the stories of the tooth fairy, I bought cute little wooden boxes to leave their teeth in, and we wrote letters to the tooth fairy when she forgot to deliver the dosh due to a heavy snow storm! I really created a magical experience!

The original boxes.
Now number 3 is the youngest by 5 & 7 years....and I failed him!

We never did the stories or "build up" as we are so busy going every day to basketball, indoor soccer, the Christmas build up and parties as well as applying for new jobs etc etc.....I know all excuses!

So yesterday when his tooth fell out it went from excitement to wanting to keep it! I told him to put it in his tooth fairy box and told the tale of the fairies using the teeth to build roads and castles.

"What tooth box?" was his response!

Holy shit what a bad Superdoopermum I am, may have to loose the Super bit!

The poor child suffers so......... I had never even bought him one!

So my motor mouth kicks in and I make a big fuss that we will go and buy him one after basketball. How lucky was he that he would get to choose a special tooth box?

The build up was a little late but what the heck! I was trying!

So off we go all excited and me thinking that I got out of that one nicely!

I guess there had been a rush on the boxes as there were none to be found...this ended in a tantrum! Are you watching Santa?

Off to the next basketball game ...screamer enclosed!

I nipped out to the expensive store in town and found this gorgeous tooth fairy box that was 4 times the cost of the original boxes with a cute poem enclosed. Of course I bought it, had it gift wrapped with bows and gave it to him.

He loved it.......and here it is!

You lift off the shell and put the tooth in it! How cute or what?

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Almost American said...

You're doing better than me. Those are very cute boxes! DD has a beautiful wooden box very similar to yours - bought by some good friends. DD and DS both have personalized tooth fairy pillows, made for them by their great-aunt. Silly me - I was planning on them just putting the tooth under their pillow, where of course it would get lost . . . Good thing we have thoughtful friends and relatives! (The box is just a little too small for dollar coins though, which is what the tooth fairy delivers around here.)