Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clearing out!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to start to get rid of stuff. We are lucky to have a large basement that seems to swallow up any excess stuff!

You name it we have it down there. So it was time to get rid!

I set myself a task of advertising & selling one thing a month on Craigslist so I could start slowly. Here is the results so far:

January: dog crate
February: old desk
March: old futon
April.........the car is listed so cross your fingers!

There is no point doing a yard sale as we are in the boonies & no-one ever finds us!

I have given lots of toys and clothes away to needy families yet we still have more!

A new thing that I did today was to take some of my daughters books to a book store that gives you credit to purchase more books. I have hesitated over this for a few months as I hate to get rid of books however with 5 readers in the family; books seem to breed & the local library is not too well stocked over here. So I took the plunge. The book trade store was packed with so many tempting books, if only I had a free hour I would have indulged myself getting lost amongst the literacy world however it was not to be! Who ever has a spare hour anyway??

Now she can go and buy more books at a cheaper price...lets see if this works as she can read a thick novel in 2 hours!

Do you have any differant ideas on how to get rid of stuff besdies the noramal selling, yard sales, giving away?

If so please let me know.

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Almost American said...

We desperately need to do the same thing! I just got rid of three hard-sided suitcases through Freecycle, and took 2 more to the dump transfer station where there is an area to leave stuff you don't want but others might. If it's not taken from there in 24 hours, it goes in the dumpster - but most stuff seems to get taken.

Now to deal with the stuffed animals - apparently the local animal shelter takes those for their animals to snuggle with.

2 kid's bikes to put on Craigslist, and lots of clothes to be sorted - consignment store, donate (in the clothing box at the dump), or dump. We have a 'book shack' at the dump where I can leave books - but I can also take them! I use it as an extra library, though the kids want to keep everything they've got :-(

Sorry - I don't have any better ideas than the ones you already have.