Monday, April 19, 2010

Is change really good?

Spring is here and it seems it is bringing lots of change with it.

Not only are the daffodils popping out and NH is starting to turn green again until...........

Heyho Mother Nature decides to drop 4 inches of snow on us this weekend...crushing all the new green buds! WTF!

Everything was crushed including my spirits!

We had friends due to arrive from England as they were running the Boston Marathon. Unfortunatley due to the volcanic ash from Iceland all the flights are cancelled so they cannot get here. I did suggest that they turn it into a triathon & start swimming via the Atlantic chance! They were gutted after training in icy & snowy weather to prepare for the big event.

They were sensible & had holiday insurance something that we never have! Guess what............. the volcanic ash is " an act of God!" so they cannot get a full refund. I just love insurance companies! NOT!!!

I'm glad we are escaping over to California for a trip to find the sun. I'm ready for some culture & tasty foreign food. We are hoping to go to Alcatraz where I may leave my kids & Sir L locked up if they do not start to help at home. Also a trip to see "Wicked" at the theatre which is supposed to be fantastic.

Please Mother Nature be kind & do not blow that ash cloud over to USA!


Limey said...

It's been a stilted entrance into spring this year in New England, hasn't it? So frustrating! Have fun in California!

AliBlahBlah said...

My MIL lives in Maine and was telling equal stories of snow-squashed daffs.

Let me know if you're headed to Santa Barbara - although having said that we are heading to the UK very shortly - volcano permitting!

Jane said...

Have a wonderful time in CA! Could do with some warmth myself, but just bought tickets to visit the UK in June. First time I've been back in nearly 6 years!