Friday, April 23, 2010

Whip'em off day!

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous girl who worked in a company with lots of rules and passwords in perfect smiley land. Everyday was a smiley day with helpful people and happy attitudes.

Some of her collegues had worked there all their lives and they were due to retire. They had never been out of the country, tasted lamb or been to the local city a whole 2 hours away!

Gorgeous girl was full of life, had travelled all over the world and had worked at differant types of careers.  The local smiley people thought she was "unstable."

One perfect day in smiley land, gorgeous girl was called in to see the boss....let's call him fishface. He asked where her hosiery was......hmmm a bit personal! She said "what do you mean?"  He advised her that although she was wearing trousers and clogs she was showing 3 inches of leg! Apparently that is not appropriate until May 1st as per the rules & regulations of the land!

Hello we are in 2010!!

Well whoever knew!

So she christened May 1st "whip'em off day!"

I wonder when she will have to put them back on again!

WTF am I doing here she wondered................................


Limey said...

This made me really, really laugh! You poor thing. Corporate America (or anywhere) is a very bizarre creature indeed. I used to work in it briefly and I found even the most unobtrusive rules constricting and condescending. I work in higher ed communications now and happily go to work in business casual (incl. jeans!) every day of the week. It creates a far happier environment when people are trusted to dress appropriately for their schedule, role and the impression they want to give. Ah, well. Grin and bare it, as they say.. Or, as my dad would say, "It's all part of life's rich tapestry and of growing up and being British"!

Expat mum said...

Reminds me of the huge faux pas I made in Dallas when I wore white shoes after Labor Day. It was still about 100 degrees and everyone was still wearing summer clothes, but apparently all the white shoes had been put away!

Jane said...

Is Fishface a breed of dinosaur? As you can tell, I've really not adjusted to life on this side of the pond yet!

Almost American said...

I used to work at a private school with a strict dress code - the girls were stunned when one of our part-time staff members told them that the insurance company where she worked had a stricter dress code! Skirts had to be below the knee, and the only colors allowed were blue, black and brown. At least our girls could wear different colors. One of the boys even wore brightly colored paisley patterned blazers - our dress code did not specify colors!

R J Adams said...

WTF am I doing here? I ask myself that question on a daily basis.