Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wagged today!

Today was my day off as I work Saturdays.

It was a yucky day starting with a visit to the dentist for a cleaning & a "my front fake tooth is loose panic." The dentist took x-rays & assured me that it looked OK even though it was 33 years old! However they recommended that they take it off & put  a new one on.

Hmmm why would you do that if it was ok??? Money grabbers.

I told them I would think about it & the $1000+ that it would cost!

Then I had my car MOT'd or inspected...oh dear failed needs new brakes & 3 new tyres!

I was going to go home & pay bills & put the garden to bed...something I loathe.

Then I thought sod it I'm going hiking with Molly.

Here are a few photo's...definitely worth wagging or taking the day off from chores!


Almost American said...

What a gorgeous day! Lucky you!
A few years ago my dentist tried to talk me into having a tooth capped because it was discolored. It wasn't damaged, the enamel wasn't thin and therefore prone to damage. I refused.

Daffodilly said...

Since today is pouring with rain I am so pleased that I wagged yesterday!

Sorry to hear that your dentist is also a rip off merchant!