Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seasons are changing.

Our Fall was beautiful yet here comes the rain & winds totally destroying Mother Natures hard work.

Since our seasons change so dramatically there is lots of preparation to be done for each one especially to prepare for winter as it is so extreme.

Sir L is on an extended business in Vegas where the poor guy had the "heart" to share with me that he had to run from building to building as he was so hot! Oh dear.... poor guy....I was buttoning up my jacket and searching for mittens ready to go out into the pouring rain to walk the dog! Swine!

So today I am off, I usually work Saturdays. My plan is to wash & store all the swimwear, beach towels, mats etc & plow through our collection of boots to see what will fit each child & then take them to the city mall. It will definitely include a bribe trip to Toys r us since my teenager needs a little more time than anyone else to make a decision & my boys will be running wild! Oh dear do I really have the strength for this?

My 12 & 14 year old have grown so much this year that all their hats & mittens do not fit at all, never mind ski pants, boots & jackets. Maybe I will take out another mortgage! Meanwhile number 3 has so many hand me downs he will never get a new winter item of clothing at this rate!

This is just the start of the winter prep....the screened porch needs shutting down & winterising, all the outdoor furniture needs bringing inside, snow tyres on the cars, garden needs putting to bed......ahhh overwhelming. I leave it to the last minute every year and end up pulling furniture in during the first snow storm...will I ever learn? Probably not as the weather tends to switch within 2 hours from sunny to sleet!

Ah well!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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