Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Happy Gene. Do you have it?

My mum was always known as a happy friendly lady with a heart of gold and I strive to follow in her footsteps.

As I get older I realise how much the weather affects my mood. Of course warm sun make's for a happy Daffodilly and a wet grey day can go either way....I go into action mode and empty out closets or want to curl up with a good book & hide from the world.

If I go up or down I can usually get myself back into gear and charge forward...well maybe with a little moaning along the way!

I have found that I like to be around people with energy and enthusiasm for life. "Eeyore’s" i.e. people that plod and look for the worst scenario in any situation attract me too as I want to turn them into happy people!

I know...... what a sad cow I am!

I have discovered along the way that many of the Eeyore’s are happy plodding & being miserable about everything in life...that is just the way that it is. I cannot understand them at all......along with the TV show called "Hoarders."

It just fascinates me how these people value trash and keep it. I hate to see it yet I cannot help myself watching and being almost obsessed with this unbelievable situation. I realise that it is a mental illness yet...poohing in bags & storing it in a cupboard...pleeease!

Anyway back to the happy gene. Do you have one?

Sometimes they can be buried for a while whilst you fathom out a problem yet they always pop back up just like the sun!

Unless you are an Eeyeore and then you tend to plod on and on and on.....

What are you an Eeyeore or a happy gene owner?

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