Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life is wacky!

Life around me is racing along with what seems to be major catastrophes or miracles at the moment...very disconcerting!

Let’s start with positive news:

Happiness.... a friend of mine had a beautiful baby boy...they already had 2 gorgeous girlies and really wanted a boy and they did not find out beforehand what they were expecting...they were all thrilled & so excited.

Sadness...a father went to pay off a car loan that had killed his young son. My heart just broke for him. English friend of mine lost her mother and was not able to get back to the UK to see her for one last time.......unfair world!

Newness....another beautiful baby was born after the mother had a tough pregnancy!

We all had Veterans day off and I had five million things to do from hiking to housey stuff.....oh no I picked up some sort of snotty bug that wipes me out....we ended up staying at home & the kids fun!

This bug is lingering & I need so much sleep.....yes I'm going to bed at 7.30 am I & sleeping until 6am!

Excited...I wish I was! Number 2 & I are going to the UK next week to visit family it has been 2 years since I have been home. The last time was to attend my mums funeral...I have mixed feelings! I'm also overwhelmed at all the stuff I need to do before I go. It would make sense to take all the Xmas pressies...except I have not bought them! One disadvantage of living in the great shops. There is only so much one can purchase from TJ Maxx!

Getting fit...I joined a gym and was making a huge effort to go 3 times a week which was a massive juggle & struggle.... alas that has gone out of the window! The stairs are the most exercise that I get at the moment!

Early... we received our first Xmas card on Oct got to be kidding me! It seems that Xmas started in the UK very early this year. My sister is all in a panic that she must get everything bought & wrapped NOW. It seems that Xmas is almost loosing some of its fun these days with the pressure to pull it all together!

My head & fingers seem to be a wandering all over the place......too much snot in my head me thinks!
Time to go!

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Jane/WTKnits said...

Goodness, so much heartbreak and happiness. Sounds like life's a bit of a rollercoaster right now. Enjoy your trip home. It'll be different, but you'll cope............And stuff the christmas presents. You're not superwoman. If you can afford to, buy some in the UK and leave them there. It'll save on shipping!