Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Flying Daffodilly!

Oh yes I had a quick pop over to the homeland for some fish 'n' chips and a bacon butty!

I had not been to England for 2 years and I could not believe how things had changed.

Funny really how your memory does not allow for progression and you expect everything to stay the same...just for you of course!

Lets start with the entry into Manchester my own hometown! I went in with my English passport as they make the Americans & foreigners wait in line for over an 1 1/2 hour....I remembered from my last visit. I had number 2 child with me who was on an American passport so they told me I was in the wrong queue! 

Heh the cheek of it! I was rather put out by that! I know I expect to be treated like a queen on my return carpet etc

I searched high & low for Ty Phoo decaf tea bags...they were nowhere to be found! The same went for pear drops & Wheat Crunchies..bacon flavour........I did find the last two at the airport thank goodness!

I was so surprised how the local Malls were so impressive infact I was overwhelmed at The Trafford Centre and could only ohh & ahh at the Dolphn Waterfall.

In the Mall they had the large fish tanks that you put your bare feet in and lots of little fish come & nibble at your hard skin. Apparently it just tickles....fancy that in a mall!!! It was called "Happy Feet."
I did wonder if they could eat a bunion!

Then there was the "Chill Factor" that is an indoor ski run. Everybody raves about it. Of course to us it looked piffley as we are used to the ski runs of the White Mountains.

Then there was a place called Airkix which is an indoor wind tunnel that you can learn to sky dive in.

Well I had a go along with my 5 nieces & nephews.......believe me it is harder than it looks! It was great fun though!


Almost American said...

Hmm - when we arrived at Heathrow the kids & I went through with our British passports. DH waited in line, and waited and waited. A flight from Nigeria had arrived just before us and it seemed as though everyone getting off that plane was getting extra special attention at immigration :-(

As I went through with the kids, the immigration officer asked where my husband was - and told me that he could have come through the shorter line with me! After reading your experience, now I know not to bother doing that, as it seems to depend on the officer on duty!

Jane/WTKnits said...

It is rather nice having a British passport and US permanent residency. I get to go through the short line both ways!