Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheers trees?

This is a delayed post as it has been the most weirdest of weather over here. Saturday we had a huge snowstorm, then sleet, then a thunderstorm! Fancy that?

I awoke to more snow...of course and all the trees were coated in ice. It was very erie as the branches blew they chinked as if the trees are all having a hot toddy & clinking their glasses! Cheers!

I took Molly for a walk and as the wind blew the trees they shed their ice...all over me! It was as if they were throwing their vodka glasses at me!

I tried to get a good photo to show how this looks as it is magical.....I need a photo lesson.

The trees glisten as if they are made of crystal and when you look at them they really do dazzle your eyes.

Perhaps if you look at this photo & squint you may get the picture??? If not have a glass of wine or two & try again!

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Almost American said...

Nice photos! The aftermath of an ice storm is hard to get good photos of! I remember an amazing ice storm years ago where the bushes and trees on the campus where I worked were layered half an inch deep in ice. At night with the lights on it was truly magical!