Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fridgid it is!

This is the worst part of the year for living in New Hampshire. The low temperatures & bitter windchill cause bowed shoulders and you have to wrap yourself in blankets for comfort...brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Molly's walks are rare as it is too bitter.

The poor birds swarm at our bird feeder...I'm all ready to knit them scarfs & hats poor little things! 

The snow laden paths are solid ice and risky.

The car creaks as I drive, its suspension is frozen.

There are not enough layers to be worn to make you feel cosy.

The hot stews and winter food are becoming mundane...I need to find some new recipes.

Countless tea bags are being used....so many that my English electric kettle has just died......emergency!

The house creaks with the gale force winds...I wonder if we have lost any shingles...or worse still a solar panel?

The kids need to burn off some energy & get fresh air..it would be too cruel to throw them outside to play.

This is what wimter in NH is all about.....surviving!


Almost American said...

The good news is, kettles are far more available here than they used to be! We have this one which is not reviewed well at Amazon, but ours has been used every day for 7 years now and is holding up well.

The creaking house/ lifting of the vinyl siding as the wind howls by is alarming . . .

Yup - gotta find somewhere for the kids to get some indoor exercise before they drive me crazy!

AliBlahBlah said...

I can't believe that we're praying for snow here (it's actually cold enough for once, and we may *gasp* get a storm to produce the moisture). We have a two year old who's never seen snow. Still - on re-reading your post, maybe pictures will suffice ?!