Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm done!

OK I have finally reached the "I'm done with this bitter cold weather."

As I ask myself "why the heck do we continue to live here in the wilderness with vicious winds, dry air inside & out and being housebound... it is just way too evil to go outside?"

If you do venture out your cheeks smart as they feel as if they are being whipped with icicles, your breath hurts as you breath through your nose as you dare not open your mouth as the iciness strips your tonsils out! Your skin is so flaky & dry. Your poor hands are ripping with the dryness everywhere. All the hand cream in the world cannot replace the moisture that your body is lacking.

The mountainous piles of snowbanks loose their attractiveness at this time of year as they just become a bother to try to look around as you pull out of a road. They have grit ground into them and look revolting...if only they would disappear!

The cold is in my bones & the only cure is thermal vests, hot tea or to get into the hot tub (which is inside as there is no way I am being naked outside in these temps! Who knows what could freeze & fall off!)

Oh summertime where are you???

Only 4 more months to go!!!!!


AliBlahBlah said...

Just keep looking at those daffodils!! I feel for you, I think I must be getting soft trading N Yorkshire for Santa Barbara and then moaning after it rained for four days in a row. Four days of bad weather. How DARE it?! I'll try and snap a couple more beach shots this weekend!!

Expatmum said...

Don't even talk to me about this bloody weather. Where is that groundhog? He better do the right thing is all I can say.

Little Britainer said...

I'm really so impressed you've survived this long! I'm not as far north as you and the weather here makes me feel like a total wuss. The only way I can survive is by planning a lot of things to do with friends, so I have stuff (indoors and warm!) to look forward to.

Daffodilly said...

Oh ladies let us leave & hit Hawaii to warm our bones!

Due to finances or lack of, we may have to be reort to a hot bath.

Sorry Ali Blah Blah sounds like you have reached your quota for this bath season!