Sunday, January 6, 2008


I had an "I am a superwoman" day on Friday...I booked a vacation for February as the cold is setting into my bones & I need to be defrosted before a severe case of cabin fever sets in. Confirmed a weekend away at a cousins for this weekend, baked a lasagna, 24 muffins & a homemade quiche....take that Rachael Ray! As well as working & running kids to a party.

I was still "superwomaning" on Saturday... a class at the gym, 2 basketball matches, appointments, pick ups from sleepovers, washing and then I came to do the dishes...(they were from last night!) Superwoman had "peaked" early!

Unfortunately there was no hot water! Panic had just started to set in when Sir L jumped to the rescue.......20 mins later hot water & sighs of relief everywhere!!

Today "superwoman" has curled up in a ball & collapsed with no energy, little patience & it has to be said lots of attitude!

FRUSTRATION has played a dominant part of to days proceedings. PC issues...all day. kids squabbling and very little achieved.

Oh well maybe tomorrow will be little better.

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