Monday, January 28, 2008

Pollyanna day 2

So day 2 of Pollyanna.

Weather... a wee chilly 4 degrees...could be worse? Positive side.. the kids were in school ( they had 2 snow days last week!)

A little negative side..need therapy....oh yes how about some Retail Therapy!

Determind to stay positive & "glad" I went on a spending spree to the mall and it seemed that everywhere was offering big discounts so it was a true "Glad Pollyanna" day for me after all!

I was supposed to be doing homework from my college course & in my spare time painting the trim to the living room...needless to say it did not get done.

C'set la vie!

I'm enjoying this Pollyanna thing!


Amy said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. it sounds like you have a great outlook!

Expatmum said...

Doing the Pollyana thing myself here - I have to say that when I talk to most people in England right now, they are being lashed by horizontal rain, it's gray and you know it's dark my 3.30pm. It's gone really cold again here, but at least it's sunny. Isn't it Groundhog day about now?

Daffodilly said...

OK so I am sitting in icy cold rain & sleet right now in New England!

Oh for some daffodils bobbing in the wind!