Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need a battery charger??

Well here I am dragging myself through the rigorous routine of life running on fresh air & no energy.

Having a "the world is against me week."

First of all we overslept by an hour on Monday morning...not a pleasant way to start the week. Panically stuffing any food into lunch boxes & throwing kids out of the door half dressed into 3 feet of snow!

Followed by dinner that was to be a turkey stir fry...however the turkey smelt rather odd & had to be chucked at the last minute. So it turned into cabbage, corn &,broccoli with rice!!!!

"Yuck" I hear you say...you are so right.

Bless my darling kids who will eat anything as long as I cover it in cheese!

They could tell that I was a mess & so they ate it!

They did get candy for dessert!!!

Bribery always works!

I have to say if only there was a restaurant that would deliver or even a pizza delivery service it would have been nice! Oh for the comforts of the city or even civilisation.

I did cheer up after watching "The Vicar of Dibley" as it is hysterical.

Then yesterday I had to put the medical insurance company in its place after they had billed me mega thousands which was incorrect. Then to speak to the provider to hear their side of the story, then relay it back to the insurance company. I have never met such a screwed up medical system that costs the earth to belong to yet no-one ever seems to agree on what to pay! Apparently you can charge what you like & leave it to the patient to argue & fight over who pays what! Then send the patient a credit agency letter & you are all set!

OH how I miss the N.H.S. of the U.K. with its old hospitals, chipped paintwork, terrible food yet no bills!

Today I had to register for college..more mega money. How can a book I need on "The Growth of a Child" cost $125.00? I have grown & fed three kids from scratch plus half the neighborhood kids (not with the cabbage rice dish!) I could have written the darn book!!!

It is time for my mums remedy in these cases..off for a hot bath, good book & bed!



Anonymous said...

oh my friend--- ugh.

What a damn day-- but it makes for great reading! Ha-- isn't that the crime?

You know my husband loves your cooking so I'm sure he would've been tucking into the cabbage and rice as well---

hope the weekend is gonna be grand-- hey Pollyanna's coming up soon . .


AliBlahBlah said...

I couldn't agree more about the health insurance/medical industry (being a medical practice manager myself). The only thing I can suggest is working with your doctors office, I know that we go to great lenghts to help our patients fight the insurance companies, even those we're not contracted with. I swear insurnace companies make these 'mistakes' deliberately because they know most people give up rather than fight.


Expatmum said...

Last year I wasted so much time clearing up problems caused by other people (particularly my health care company) that I am now keeping a log of the hours wasted in 2008. I may then create an hourly billing rate and deduct my "expenses" from whatever I am supposed to owe.

Daffodilly said...

Thank you all for the advice.