Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cute Kids!

Today was interesting as some of my three year olds during "free play" were playing doctors and nurses.

"Are you having a baby?" I heard.

Taking a deep intake of breath I went over to see the next phase!

Before I go into palpation's let me brief you a little here.

In NH there are lots of earthy crunchy people who I love, however some do let siblings watch the birth of their brothers and sisters as they feel it is a great experience.

Personally I would rather be given a newborn all clean with a babygro and a cute bobble hat on!

Since both the pregnant child and the doctor have baby siblings I was wondering how detailed this would get before I had to jump in and distract them with a sick doll.

"It's coming out of my stomach" said the little girl and "I am the daddy!"

Phew no need to worry there!

1 comment:

Expat mum said...

Makes you wonder where on earth she got that from though. I know dads get sympathy pains but really!