Monday, January 5, 2009

Survivor Chick!

So back to the eye test. I was very brave (or foolish) to book an eye test appointment at 7am on a vacation day!

I had the test... all is glasses yet!

So on my way home I decided to check that the driveway to the farm that we rent out for our Uncle was accessible. I needed to do this as I had to winterize the farm (not the drive) as we could not find any suitable tenants, hence the driveway of half a mile long was not plowed and the house was frigid as there had been no heat for over 3 months!

I drove down the driveway rather proud of myself in my 4 wheel drive car called Bluebell until I hit the snow drift that of course was not visible to the blind eye...(especially ones that had just been dilated & had blurred vision!)

Needless to say I was stuck & going nowhere.

I had to dig out each wheel and then reverse a little which was exhausting. Oh yes, Mother Nature was there blowing the loose snow all over me & dropping her temperatures rather rapidly the old cow!

I called Sir L who talked me (not wanting to get out of bed as it was only 8.30am!) through the whole procedure.

I have to admit I that did admit defeat at one stage and kicked my poor Bluebell and had a good cry so my vision was even worse!

An hour later I was out, but then I had to go back in an hour to show the house! I parked on the road and walked down the drive this time!

My new name...Survivor Chick!


Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

OH!!! They haven't had Survivor until they do one in New England in January!

Janet said...

Oh dear, not a good start to the day. But well done for digging yourself out sans assistance from his lordship.