Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy weekend.

What a luxuriously lazy and wonderful weekend I had.

Hmm... from going into these extremely deep dreams where I am back at my Grandma's house in England as a little girl to talking to people from my childhood.

I slept in until 8am which is a miracle and following this lavishly lazy attitude I stayed in bed with Sir L's latte until 9.50am...what a lush! Normally I am awake at 6.30 am & at the gym spinning away!

I squeezed 3 kids basketball games in, knitted like a mad woman and read page after page of the Twilight Zone book which although I do find entertaining I'm not convinced that it deserves the bestsellers shelf.

Sir L made dinner and I left the dishes until the following day....heaven.

I rounded Sunday afternoon off by going snowshoeing with my 5 year old...what a treat.

We had about a foot of snow so everywhere looked like a winter wonderland. We strapped our snowshoes on and off we went. It was extremely hard work as the snow although fresh was as deep as my thighs in places. My little lad is such a trooper. He decided we were on an adventure out into the woods to discover new things like an airport (thank god that is not in my back garden!)

It was slow going however just to listen to his chatter was so sweet.

"Mummy if you are thirsty or too hot eat the snow it's good."

"OK son."

As I was creating the trail I did not have much breath left for talking so I suggested a rest. He chose the spot, we just flopped into the fresh snow.

The snow was so deep it enclosed us like a feather duvet. All you could see were our faces and our snowshoes that were pointing upwards.

It was a wonderful feeling just lying there in the peace of the woods with my little one.

It was extremely comical as we tried to get back onto our was virtually impossible which resulted in multitudes of laughing fits and damp parts of the anatomy, including my face!

I guess sometimes it is possible for me to stop & chill...normally it is not in my nature.

I'm certainly looking forward to another one of these weekends!!!


Expat mum said...

Ah bless. We have lots of snow but busy roads, so it would be dangerous for us to lie down!

Almost American said...

I've been meaning to get snowshoes for a couple of years now - it's good exercise, and would definitely make getting out to the compost bin much easier!

OTOH, my XC skis haven't been used in years . . .

Janet said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.