Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Icy Rain = G & T?

Icy rain is the most beautiful yet dangerous weather in NH. It always amazes me after an ice storm how everywhere looks as if it has been blasted with glass. When the tree branches sway in the wind it makes a tinkling sound that reminds me of ice cubes chinking into my glass for my G & T!
As breath taking as it is it is a horror to drive in as everywhere is all slushy snow & mud.
Another 2 hour delay today which works out quite nicely for me as I get the day off since I teach pre-school.
So today number 3 & I are making Easter cards...sad or what? I seem desperate this year to get to Easter for some reason. Almost as if once it is here the winter will disappear...however we often do egg hunts in the snow which is quite fun!
If this weather does not hurry up & disappear I will be onto making this year's Xmas card at this rate!!!!!!!


Almost American said...

Ah, but if you have the day off, surely that means you don't get paid? :-(

When IS Easter this year anyway? I know I get Good Friday off work!

Daffodilly said...

Easter is April 12th!

Janet said...

I had never experienced an ice storm until I moved to Oklahoma, and I totally agree, it is the worst type of weather imaginable. In OK, I would liken it more to shotgun fire as the trees snap and fall from the weight of the ice.