Monday, March 2, 2009

Homemade Creations!

You know when you are home in NH when on the first day of school (after a vacation) is cancelled due to a snow dump!

Definitely back to reality with a head on collision!

Oh well, trying to stay positive and not hit the last bar of Cadburys in the cupboard I had a brave British moment of " the weather will not beat me!"

Very similar to when you are in Blackpool you see old folks sat by the prom with a thermos of hot tea and a couple of butty's looking cheesed off at the pouring rain. Yet the stiff British upper lip stays strong & the report to all their neighbours on returning home " we had a lovely day out at the seaside!"

I had been reading "The Creative Family" by Amanda Soule the previous evening and I had a feeling of well "let's make it a good family quality time day."

So I drove to the local shop ...yes in a snowstorm..I was on a mission! I purchased material & some cotton print paper.

I then approached the computer all ready to scan carefully chosen pieces of the kids artwork from Kinder garden. My plan was to make cushion covers with them....a great idea from the book. Even though I still cannot use the sewing machine which is my daughters!

By now my kids had abandoned me to create the biggest den ever built in the little ones room with all the blankets, clothing and cardboard they could find.

Alas, we were out of magenta ink so the whole project is on hold as to purchase more ink would be too long a drive in the snow!

I had good intentions and the bar of chocolate is still intact!

Maybe tomorrow.....................


Expat mum said...

Be thankful that the kids were so content with the den-building. I used to love it when mine did that, although it was always me that ended up putting everything back.

AliBlahBlah said...

Hey, sometimes just mustering up the energy to think of a project is too much for me (I plonk Anna in front of far too often I'm afraid). Good for you for braving the elements and giving it a shot!