Monday, March 30, 2009


I have to admit I have been absent from the blogging world for a while as I cannot decide if I feel totally cheated and abused or I'm just sulking!

Mr nice man (not anymore) Kevin from LBI (the M & S marketing company) thanked me via e-mail for posting the free shipping for M & S on my blog, yet he could not send me a bag of wine gums or even a bar of chocolate...cheapskate! I gave him lots of information on what expats miss the most from the UK which he admitted he had no idea but yet again he was grateful for the info.

Now do I feel so cheated because I have been in the USA too long and I am used to getting free lollipops at the bank, free munchkins for a dog at Dunkin Donuts..a free t-shirt for every company that you know?

Or are LBI and M & S cheapskates??

Google pay for any adverts that they place on your blog why not M&S or LBI?

I know for a fact that many of you have placed orders with M & S due to reading my blog or another expats so that proves how useful we are to the marketing companies.

We all know how much money flows through marketing companies & all the perks they receive.

Shame on you LBI!


Blue said...

I am NEVER shopping at Marks & Spencer's again.

That's bollocks. That guy should be ashamed. What a cheeky sod.


Almost American said...

Glad I didn't bother posting the info on my blog!

My parcel arrived yesterday. I am very happy with its contents, though DH is confused as to why I ordered socks for an 11 year-old. That would be me. I have tiny feet.

R J Adams said...

I came across your blog on an ex-pat site.
I never shop at M&S anymore. Two Decembers ago I placed an internet order with them for a warm scarf and gloves for my aging mother back in England. They accepted my order and agreed to deliver in time for Christmas. That was in early December. Two days before Christmas Eve I got an email from them curtly stating the items were out of stock and would not be delivered.
I made a fuss, but only got a bland apology, and my mother missed out on her present in time for the holiday.
Their service leaves much to be desired.

Expat mum said...

Tricky area this one. I did the M&S post because there's a chance to win 250 quid, plus I had just used them to deliver a Mother's Day bouquet and they take off the VAT, which is very nice. However, I have since been inundated with companies basically saying "Please do my job for me and publicize this....". Some of them aren't remotely relevant to me or my blog. I just ignore them, although being British, I feel ever so rude doing so!

AliBlahBlah said...

I am going back home in July and will happily go to M&S and knock over a display stand of chutneys on your behalf... said...

OH thank you...make sure that the jars smash & make a mes!