Monday, September 14, 2009


The definition of frustration today:

1. A new tenant that gets 2 kittens & not one as agreed in the lease....they have only been there for 2 weeks!

2. The bank charge for the box of checks....Hello advertised as a Free Checking Account!

3. My Zen MP3 player & my sons both break on the first attempt to re-charge them!

4. A neighbours child hits my child with a slingshot, which resulted in a heated discussion with the parent.

A day of agro (hassle & conflict) and it is only 2pm.......

1 comment:

Almost American said...

What a crummy day! It's a shame there aren't any Cadbury's Flakes left ;-)

Hope tomorrow's better! What (if anything) are you going to do about the tenants? I know it took you a while to find some!