Monday, September 28, 2009

The Good Old Camps

I went to visit Mme L a yummy friend of mine who I taught to knit moons ago. She has taken to it so well that she now advises me on my projects. I am obviously a good teacher & a crap knitter!

She works at a local camp for boys and I had the privelage of a private "out of season tour", it was like stepping back 100 years in time.

The first thing that I noticed was a wooden hut that was fully kitted out with an oil drum and lots of old oil lanterns...the sort that they used in "Little House on the Priairie!" Very quaint. They use these to wander round the camp at night. Needless to say there are no PSP, DS,Cellphones etc over here!

The buildings were all wooden and had the most beautiful structures surrounding them made from the local trees. Inside the dormitories (that looked like POW camps) from "The Bridge over the River Kwai" were tin beds in straight lines, they were so basic & ancient that you could feel the snoring of the boys from 50 years ago with the odd chatter in the background.. All the walls, ceilings etc were carved with boys names or initials. What really amazed me that even though it was so old there were no swear words or colours used at all, it was all old fashioned penknife etchings. These must be good kids.

Every year they host a play at the camp and make posters to advertise it. These old posters were posted all over the stage & camp auditorium dating back 50 years. Each year a photo is taken of the whole camp, framed & displayed on the walls.

After all of these years the boys still wear the same t-shirts.......its strangely comforting to see that good old fashioned camps are still around.

I could not resist taking some photo's of the camp to share with you all as it was so interesting.

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