Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Montreal the land of beautiful people.

Just spent the weekend in Montreal, Canada. What a gorgeous place and what beautiful people.

They are all tall, slim with chiseled features and perfect manners.

It's interesting that you can drive 4 hours away and hit a different country, with a foreign language, interesting architecture and food that you would kill for. Of course there is the advantage of scrummy wine and my favourite of course.....CHOCOLATE!

It was superb to be in civilisation again...it's been along time. Back came the city clothes, yes you must wear a bra Daffodilly, put the Crocs away and put on some leather shoes. No shorts & a tank top will not suffice get the good gear on girl! Oh yes un peu make up too...you scuffer!

So clad in my "city look" Sir L and I hit Montreal...oh yes we were child free! How could I forget to mention that?

We perused around Le Plateau with its trendy boutiques and to die for restaurants and bakeries.

Wandered around the old port with its quaint cobbled streets.

Last of all a quick jaunt into Ikea to buy our favourite meatballs & $353.00 of stuff!

Needless to say a wonderful weekend was had by all...here are a few photo's of Culture visit......just getting the hang of my new camera so hopefully my photo's should improve...soon!


√Čtuiante √† l'universit√© said...

Salut =)
I am glad you had a great time in this amazing city, my hometown!!

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