Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Fall

  • Golden and red leaves brighten up the day.
  • Great time to go for a walk and wear a cosy fleece, stuff your hands in your pockets & march briskly as you try & hold out for putting hats & gloves on until have to be hardy to live in NH!
  • Washing liine drying days are getting fewer and further apart.
  • Chipmunks are on overdrive as you hear a constant thud of acorns falling from the trees as they prepare for the winter.
  • Pulling out all the hats, coats & winter mixed feelings.
  • Putting the garden to bed & layering it with manure that your gorgeous white lab decides she loves to roll in!
  • Making homemade soups and stews......hello I'm Delia Smith/Marth Stewart!
  • Closing the curtains at night to shut out Jack Frost.
  • Testing the generator just incase we need it! We always do!
  • Get the cars snow tyres fitted.
  • Bring in all the kids clutter from the garden.
There is definetley a sleepy feeling about the Fall as you prepare for the long,cold days ahead of you. I'm tired just reading the few things that I have to do before the snow arrives!

It is almost like hibernating as you set yourself up with knitting projects, grab a stash of books and batteries for the torches.

As we await the arrival of winter............BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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