Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To spay or not to spay?

So today my little Molly (dog) went to get spayed...poor baby!

I have this terrible guilty feeling every time we have one of our animals neutered as I feel that they should have the oppurtunity to have a family at least once. Of course I compare them to humans would you like to be snipped without being asked?

Molly's biggest issue this morning was " why can't I have any breakfast mum?"

However on the practical side I would never be able to sell/give away their babies & Sir L would leave me!

So tomorrow I have to pick her up from the vets and face her inquisitive look of "mum what have they done to me?"

So to make her feel better I am going to buy her a new bed & lead since she has chewed them to bits!

I know I am a soft sod!

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