Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonky Nose...sue them!

Nose Job continued....

So number 2 had a broken nose, then surgery that suposedly mended it. He wore a cast on it for a week, then we went back to the specialist a week later to have it checked.

Can you beleive it the end of his nose is still wonky! The "cocky so called specialist" ageed that he needs to have the surgery again. In fact in his carefully chosen words NOT...

"I can stick a needle up his nose, numb it & re-straighten it now if you like, however it is very painful." As he so carefully described this to my son all of 10 years old he screamed!

Yes like that was going to happen! Nice one Doctor tactics, lovely bed side manner!

His solution  was to re-do the surgery as "it is only a 10 minute proceedure" & this time he would put a splint up his nose with padding as well as a cast.

My thoughts were....."Why the F.. did you not do this the first time?"

I asked "will you do the surgery for free since it is a repeat?"

"Oh no your insurance will cover it."

They never cover all of anything there is always a sneaky $200.00 we have to pay for some crap reason!

Never mind the inconvenience of both parents having to take the day off work, get up & out by 5.30am, the other 2 kids getting up, walking the dog & getting themselves to school on time. Oh yes & the stress for my poor son & pain is all too much.

We feel like this doctor is out to rip us off. He knows we have insurance, the patient/guinea pig is young & healthy so no complications & his schedule needs filling up.

The English in me wants to be agressive & clock him one.

The American side of me wants to sue, but do we want to go there?

No, we are not that way inclined, plus the stress & costs are not worth it. Not that we could afford it anyway.

We feel guilty about whether he should have the surgery again or what should we do?

He can breathe ok, it is more of an issue of a wonky nose. It is not ugly in fact quite cute. When he is a teenager he will probably only be able to snog on one side! It might even delay him getting to first base!

Does anyone know the system out there or have any ideas about what we should do?


R J Adams said...

I suppose you just have to go through with it and hope this time he gets it right. If not, I would definitely consider a lawyer. Don't you just hate the American healthcare system? Insurance never covers the cost completely. It's a ripoff every which way. I do hope your poor son gets his nose back soon.

Gloria said...

I'd be very tempted to clock the doctor one, right on the nose and then he'd know what it felt like. Okay, Okay, bad idea I know but really, there's only so much one can take. Not an easy decision and really, I don't envy you. Hope you post what happens next. The national health system in England ain't so bad after all!!

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Expat mum said...

Most hospitals here have some sort of Patients' Customer reps. Check on the hospital's web site. There is NO way either you or your health insurance company should be paying for something that wasn't done properly in the first place, especially as you always end up paying something out of pocket.
The thing is, if you have it done, the insurance company is going to question it and you might end up having to pay for the whole lot.

AliBlahBlah said...

I would ask your health insurance company's opinion of what should be done - they are being required to foot the bill twice after all.

The same thing happened to me with a dental surgery. The surgeon only took my lower wisdom teeth out - deeming the uppers 'viable' my dentist disagreed and wanted me to go back for a repeat surgery. I never did go back.

Daffodilly said...

Thanks for the advise folks.