Saturday, October 10, 2009

A mothers love.

What a stressful week....................

Number 2 had to go in for surgery and have his nose re-broken & re-set. He broke it playing American Football at recess.

This is the first time that any of my children have been operated on & I think that I have aged about 500 years.

Oh yes, we have had broken bones before as Number 1 broke her leg in K ice skating.

Somehow this felt much worse.

Of course the first person I want to share all this with (since Sir L is also going through it too but in his macho quiet manner!) is my mum. Alas maybe one day this may get easier.

It is a very difficult moment in time watching your child wearing Johnny's (a gown in english) with a shower cap & boots on.

As his eyes flickered & started to droop, he continued to fight the sleepiness. Part of me wanted to grab him and run ( beside the fact that he is nearly as tall as me & too heavy for me to lift without killing my back!) and the other sensible part of my brain tried to convice me that this is not that bad really! After all it was not brain surgery!

Horendous scenarios ran through my mind:

What if he never regained consciousness?

What if when they broke his nose they hit part of his temple & gave him brain damage?

Will he survive?

Just to mention a few.... I know I am a drama queen!

Anyway he survived and has a cast on his nose....I know you cannot imagine how that looks. Like a piece of metal moulded over his nose with a band aid (plaster) on.

We were by his side when he woke felt like a scene out of Grays Anatomy minus the hunky doctors.  I was on the look out for the nurses & doctors sneaking into rooms for a quickie..alas I did not catch anyone!

When he came too he wanted a hug...I cried with relief....he was alive!

However the moment was short lived as he then pewked all over the place!

Unfortunatley bad mother had no spare clothes for him so we were given some scrubs.

Anyway to cut to the wick he is fine, I am now greyer on top & drained from all of the drama.

On the brighter side he is all set for his Halloween outfit now!

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Almost American said...

Will his nose still be in a cast for Halloween, or did you mean he's going to wear the scrubs as his costume?