Thursday, September 2, 2010

My princess day.

Yesterday was my "I'm a princess day."

I started the day waving off number 1 to their first day of High School.

Drove the other two monsters to school. Smiling as I drove away!

Nipped over to my uncles cabin on the lake to take some photo' was already 85 degrees at 8.30ams so I stripped off, found an old bathing suit of someones & took a dip....................yes all on my own....very exciting. Unfortunately there were things to be done so I dragged myself out of the refreshing lake over to the yoga studio where I had the best hot stones massage in the world!

Then off to the hairdressers for a cut and blow. Ahhah I look gorgeous!

Ending with  dashing home to wash the kitchen floor....nice whilst it lasted!

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Nick said...

Interesting blog. I moved to the US some 25 years ago.

You might enjoy an older blog post of mine about Prince Charles :)