Friday, September 17, 2010

Workman everywhere......

Here I am stuck at home waiting for the TV man to come and connect us up to the TV....of course you have to be at home between 12-4 and wait for his arrival...just like waiting for the Queen!

(We always get the TV disconnected during the summer so that the kids do not just veg & flick it on whilst we are working. I find that they also do more outdoor activities, play games, read and do crafts as an alternative. However once the weather turns I have to admit that I do crave my HGTV & BBC America...sad lass that I am!)

I wish I was having some quiet time at home but oh no, we are going solar and I have men on my roof drilling holes, men in my basement with tons of boxes, wires and piping. Lots of sawing noises & the odd melody as one of them likes to sing. Ah well.....cannot wait to add Mr. TV man to the mix & see if he can sing me a little chorus too!

There is no privacy anywhere!

I would send you some photos however some little monkey has moved my "camera - computer" cord & it just cannot be found anywhere! One of the annoyances of having children!

Since the weather is turning into our most beautiful Fall with the trees starting to change color I feel a baking session coming on. Maybe some homemade blueberry scones and a roast turkey dinner. I have to admit due to the size of the American ovens I cannot just bake one thing as it is such a waste. So I always end up making a pie or two & roasted veggies etc to be eco friendly & not to waste the heat!

Does anyone else have this guilty conscience when they use their oven? Seriously you could cook a whole pig in these American ovens!

Anyway I am in a blabbing mood as you can tell. So I will go and do something constructive & look for the darn cable!

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Almost American said...

You are good shutting the cable off for the summer! I removed the cable box from the living room - on a permanent basis though. Now all we have in that room is PBS and the networks. I need to remove the wii as well though to cut down on screen time in the summer!

I've been thinking about getting solar panels installed as we have a decent location, but it's just one more thing on a very long list of must-dos right now!