Sunday, September 23, 2007

16 Days!!!

So this is the countdown of my mother in law who arrived on Thursday for 16 days. Why 16 days you ask? I ask myself the same question on the hour every hour! It is rather difficult to do stuff & type idea's whilst someone is looking over your shoulder..

Please do not get me wrong I love having company however my fellow Brits who come to visit seem to come for long extended visits & they tend not to drive so they need ferrying around. On the other side (as I am trying to be very nice) they do bring in the booty... lots of yummy English Cadburys chocolate & gummy sweets that Sir Lancelot is rather fond of!

I should really be doing something productive like cleaning, laundry or applying for jobs but the mood is just not there today. I just want to mooch before the clan return and we have to feed, do homework and rush out to soccer yet again. Oh well "C'est la vie!"

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