Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And life goes on

Well the next part of my job saga is here....I know you were all waiting with bated breath.....(I still have no comments as of today's date!) My darling hubby who we shall call Sir Lancelot for the time being came to my defense regarding the job shun. He e-mailed an extremely blunt yet also cutting letter to the HR and the Sales Director who jumped around probably like the nits on my nieces head a few weeks ago! Sir L works at this company & has done for 15 years and he is known for not loosing his temper....not anymore! Attack his maiden and he is off on his charger.

The nit dancers were apologetic blah blah blah & tried to blame it on each other. So watch this blog for further news.

Enough corporate crap now on to nicer things like children. As I have mentioned before I do daycare & watch ages newborn up to 11 years old. We tend to get many toddlers which are a handful but so cute. They pronounce my name "Awwy". Today feeling rather brave I decided we would paint caterpillars as this weeks letter is C. As I was pulling all the gear out of the cupboard the room filled almost instantly, suddenly I had 9 toddlers!!! Anybody else would have put the paints away & played games.....not Awwy! I had to let them do free painting as I could not get 9 caterpillars drawn in the 2 seconds that they gave me. The result lots of dark looking painted clouds......no chance of a Michelangelo in this lot!

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