Friday, September 14, 2007

I loathe corporate companies

Well listen to this. I am not a happy lady at all. Last week a company that I worked for 4.5 years ago called ME & asked ME to do a maternity coverage & could I go for an interview now. At the time I had just picked up my 3 kids who were happily munching down on chocolate... so thankful was I that they were quiet whilst I was on my cell phone. They said to bring the kids with me.....the first sign that they were foolish people. Then I got a return call 2 minutes later ( they had obviously heard about my darling kids reputation's especially after a good dose of chocolate!) how about meeting the director of sales for a glass of wine later on. Now that certainly appealed to me! (the wine part.) So I rushed to the farm where we do a co-op share to pick up my yummy organic veggies & to let the kids pretend to be Laura Ingalls & pick flowers to their hearts content. May I add that is an hour trip in total. Went home made dinner, threw lipstick on & rushed off to the interview....Miss Queen Multi tasker all by 7pm!

The interview went well, they offered me the job with flexible hours.. no problem at all. I just needed confirmation from HR. This did not happen for a few days in fact 8 days in total. So being efficient & slightly ticked off I chased them up. Anyway to cut a long story short I received a call today advising me that they could not offer me the job as they wanted someone who could work full time plus stay until 6 maybe 7pm at night without any notice i.e.a slave!

I am so angry I want to write nasty e-mails to everyone. However being mature & 2 glasses of wine later I have decided to wait until I have cooled off a little. Instead I feel very rejected, used and useless. Woe is me! But it is there loss right??

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