Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be grateful

Well I was feeling a little down hearted and lethargic yesterday but I have pulled up my pants & I am starting a fresh with a new outlook on life! Let me explain why.

Terrible news today some friends of ours who moved here from Mexico lost their house & all of its belongings. The husband was cleaning his prized car with gas & the light he was using fell & ignited the gas. It even set him on fire. He did manage to escape as did his wife & luckily their 3 children were all at school. He did have minor burns however they lost all of their possessions.

Within 12 hours they had been re-housed and people were bringing them furniture, clothes, personal items, linens etc, a fund was set up for them at the local bank & 2 fund raisers have been organised for this weekend. The family are being very brave and are absolutely stunned by the generosity of the locals here in NH. You are the best New Hampshireites!

It really is warming to know that in an emergency the people of NH dig deep into their hearts to assist those in need.

So the reason for my strong title today is "be grateful" as there is always someone in the world who is worse off than you!

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