Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kittens wanting to be cats!

Well here he is our "Mittens" how cute is he?

He is being a little tinker at the moment as he so desperately wants to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, chase squirrels & climb trees ....however it cannot be. He is still only 4 months old & as we live in the boonies with a pack of coyotes who roam the back yard it cannot be until he is at least one year old. Every time that the front door bell goes his ears prick up as he senses the second that the door opens he has a 2 second interval to dash for the outside world. Five times today he has made it & even the Friskies do not tempt him back in! It would be quite amusing to video the family trying to corner him in an open back meadow as he manages to slink by us all some how or other.

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