Friday, October 5, 2007

Burnt Fish Smell

The other day I came home with the kids & as I was on the driveway I could smell burning! I drove into the garage where the smell got stronger so I dashed into the house where the smell was intolerable. I shouted for my MIL and asked "what is burning." She nonchalantly said "the fish pie spilt onto the cooker & it burnt". The smell was so strong I opened all the windows & doors & then opened the cooker. It had thick lumps of burnt, black, crusty crap on it. There was the fish pie triumphantly sat there as if to say "look what I did." As my MIL likes to cook, let it cool & then re-heat for dinner ( trying to give us all food poisoning!) the cooker was obviously going to be on again in an hour or so. At this time it is 4.30pm I need to leave the house at 5pm to get my son to soccer & then we are having relatives for dinner at 7pm so the pressure was on.

I made a statement that we would have to clean the cooker since it would need to go on again in an hour or so which went down like a lead balloon! Thankfully a friend called me so I had a moan on the phone whilst MIL tried to repair the damage to my cooker. At 5pm I had to leave with the kids & go to soccer. The stench in my house was still terrible!

On returning home to a very pungent home my MIL put the cooker on to re-heat & poison the family! The next minute the smoke alarms kick in as there is black smoke billowing out of my cooker. Oh yes did I forget to mention that it is a NEW cooker that I have never even cleaned yet?

Then our guests arrive....the smell is so bad we have to have fans blowing the air around inside the house. The word "ticked off & highly stressed" will not even come near to my emotional state.

Let's recap here, smelly house, smoke everywhere, alarms going, guests arriving & fans running! I hasten to add that chocolate & wine are not even going to settle this one!

The fish pie was OK & after some wine I did soften a little. All I can say is 3 more days before she leaves & the fish pie can go with her!

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