Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Time & Breast Cancer Walk!

There is something about lots of pumpkins hanging out together that gives me a cosy feeling with a slight daunting feeling all at the same time. They are gob smackingly beautiful however you know that once they have gone, it is time for the bitter weather of New England, which is when one wonders "why the heck do I live here?"
Today cannot go by without me mentioning the "Breast Cancer Walk." I lost a close relative to the disease 4 years ago, which left two young children without a mother which just breaks my heart. I also have lots of friends who have been touched by the disease therefore over the past 8 years I have raised money by joining the breast cancer walk in October. It is so heart warming & always moves me to tears when I see all the walkers. The survivors who get to wear special sashes are so respected by everyone. A police lady who was controlling the traffic said to my friend "congratulations on being a survivor" which says it all. The solidarity hits hard. Let's hope in the very near future they can kill this disease with a less harsh treatment & totally eradicate it!

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