Friday, October 26, 2007

I have just won the "worst mother of the year award!"

I have had a terrible week which has just ended on me shamingly earning the above award.

First of all let me make my excuses otherwise you will all think that I am being a drama queen!

This week has entailed being stabbed viciously in the back by a best friend which set me back, working all week, car issues, PC issues, kids off half a day for conferences, husband travelling away, one of the kids was & still is sick to name just a few issues.

We are having a family portrait taken tomorrow and as the photographer had not contacted me I called in to his office. I wanted a photo of the lake & trees (with leaves on) he asked me to find a tree or spot to take the photo! Bearing in mind it is 1pm & I am on my way to an appointment, then school & daycare pick up, ending with traipsing off to the mall to buy my daughter (who is at the age of being very opinionated on even a pair of socks) a sweater to wear for the clan photo! I have not one minute to look for a leafy that not his job???So I was in mission mode!

I pick up the kids at school & then head to the daycare. When I arrived there were cars everywhere that lead into the road. My first thought was "a gunman had been on the rampage".. being dramatic & all! So I ran into daycare to find all the little sweethearts dressed up in Halloween costumes!! Of course my little one was dressed in the day cares "dress up" fire fighter outfit.. as wonderful mother had totally forgotten all about it! He came right over & told me so in front of all the other doting parents! Bless him.

Next problem, how am I going to tear him away from the party... all the tables were set with plates, party favours etc! I had a sick son waiting outside in the car so we could not all come in!

So I did what every desperate mother does.. I told him we had to leave & that there was a surprise in the car for him! He willingly came with me, jumped into his car seat & gobbled down a Popsicle. Then he said "thank you so much mummy!" I could have cried!

Feeling less guilty we arrived at the mall. After a couple of stores one of the store keepers tells me that at 5pm all hell will break loose. I asked "why?" It was only trick or treat night! Bang on 4.55pm hundreds of kids were running around in costumes! Needless to say we had to get out of there pretty quickly too. Talk about adding insult to injury!

We get home & I cannot sleep hence posting a blog at 1.38am! Why can I not sleep?

My husband arrived home an hour ago, the kids are all asleep......guess what?

"It is raining!"

So after all of this, the family portrait will probably be cancelled!


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AliBlahBlah said...

I can't believe you dropped your little one off at daycare without a costume and were mortified and I dropped mine off with a costume and no-one else was wearing one. I think I like your town much better!

Love the blog name by the way, and how weird to think we both emigrated to the States at the same time. We both must have the same chunk of British 'culture' missing - every time I go home I wonder who the chuff Westlife arem or Jordan etc etc!!