Monday, October 22, 2007

Family fun.

We are having the most glorious weather at the mo. Today it is a hot 84 degrees which is extremely rare as normally it is in the 50's by now. I do love the global warming today!

Yesterday I was determined to have a family day & to do something healthy, including lots of fresh air that did not include PCs, TVs & all the "stuff "that kids these days seem to crave. Hiking filled all these categories so off we went.

The sun was pelting down & the trail was a lot steeper than I anticipated too but the Daffodilly clan were not to be defeated! After a few meltdowns from the 4 year old that were appeased with a shoulder ride...thanks to Mr. L & the odd candy we made it to the summit.

These photo's are the view from the top of the fire tower which were gob smackingly gorgeous!

We all marched up to the top of the fire tower which is one health hazard. Despite the fact that it is about 200 feet high it is rusty with rotten wooden stairs & no fencing to stop you being blown off! Believe me it was blowy!!

It did pass through my I am a sensiblish mother of 3 & a preschool assistant teacher who insists that they wear bike helmets & seat belts etc. risking their life's for a photo shoot!
Ahh the price of fame!

Despite this we all survived to tell the tale & to sign the photo's for our fans.

It was a 3 hour hike all in all.......

Rewards.... gorgeous view, English chocolate at the top & 3 exhausted kids who went to bed early!

What more can a parent ask for? (besides a nanny!)

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Anonymous said...

fabulous shots!

hey, if you don't know this blog, you might like it-- a brit who has been living in Paris-- long story, but I think you might enjoy it, or not.