Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Meaning of Change.

Today I sat on my spinning bike at the gym forcing my weary limbs to push the darn pedals around & around so that I looked just like everybody else!

Meanwhile my mind was a wandering!

I watched a small maple tree whose leaves were a fiery red and bright yellow swaying as the wind consistently blew at its limbs causing the odd leaf to flutter down. At that instant I knew we had something in common.

"What you may ask?"

Let's pretend that we are a tree spending countless time & energy growing green leaves & then changing them to red & yellow a few months later... to have it all destroyed by the weather within a few weeks! Its a hard life!

"Have you ever cleaned a room in the house until it looks "just right?" Only moments later had a herd of kids plus the odd animal trek through & cause instant devastation?"


"Typed up a huge speech which took hours" to have it re-written five more times?


"Sat on a spinning bike at the gym wishing you has stayed in bed & had one of Mr. L's frothy cafe lattes?"

Yes, yes, yes!

Why do we change everything all of the time?

We choose to do these things to improve our bodies, have a clean habitat, or just to indulge.

The meaning of change is " to radically alter something" as the radio advised me on my way home from the gym.

"So why do we fell the need to continually change things & lifestyles?"

I do not know!


Anonymous said...

I just clicked over on recommendation from Bluepoppy and what do I see but gorgeous New England-in-the-fall photos! Being stuck in the always-green of Florida, I live for these pictures.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh please-- you've got the body of 20 year old and "MR. L" woot--- love it!