Friday, November 28, 2008

Education on laundry!

A happy belated Thanksgiving people and may it have been as relaxing & enjoyable as ours was.

Well number 1 who is now 12 years old has tipped me over the edge when it comes to washing. In her defense I have to admit that laundry is my thing.

I run a washer load every day and still do the English ironing thing. It can be said that my house may be a mess, and the fridge empty but there are always clean clothes in my house! However I digress.

Over the past 6 months I have nagged my darling daughter to death regarding putting her laundry in the basket or just to put the clean stuff away & not let it mate with the dirty undies on the floor! Here are a few examples of our conversations:

1. "Please remove the filthy cross country or basketball clothes from under your bed & put them in the washing basket."

2. "It smells in here bring out the muckiest!"

3. "Do you know I found 6 pairs of dirty knickers under your bed when I cleared it out!"

4. "Please put the clean clothes away." (multiply by 5 hundred million times.)

5. "My god these socks could walk to the laundry basket they are so filthy!"

6. "Oh you needed those jeans...try looking under the mountain of clothes & papers in that corner as they have been reported missing in action!"

7. "Please bring out your dirty clothes." ( multiplied by 20 million, billion times.)

I threatened the "you will have to do your own laundry" for over 6 months.

I even bought her own personal laundry system, one basket for clean & one for the dirties.

They both had no impact & dismally failed.

Alas, I had to admit defeat and hand the power of doing her laundry over to her.

I do love her dearly but I did have to chuckle yesterday.

I remind her once a week "don't forget to do your laundry as it quickly builds up."

She decided yesterday (as it had been a whole two weeks) that she would run the washer.

The reason...... she was out of undies, yes even the bikini bottoms had been worn!

She had to borrow a pair of mine!

Now even though I am only a petite woman surprisingly my bottom is not the same size as a young athletic 12 year olds buttocks especially after having 3 babies.... therefore baggy was an understatement.

I wonder if she will try & keep up with at least a weekly wash?

Good luck poppet, love you lots!


Almost American said...

ROFLMAO! I like your new plan! DD definitely will NOT want to wear my undies!

Sadly, I can imagine my DD deciding to run the washer with a) either far too much stuff in it, or b) just the one item she really wants to wear. It's worth a try though - as soon as she's tall enough to reach in and get the clothes from the bottom of the washing machine.

Blue said...


that girl! you'd never know as she always looks dressed to the nines-- but oh my, Ms Daffodilly, this was one of your best posts ever!!! funny funny


Expat mum said...

OOh, great idea. My underwear collection is so bad my mother sends me M&S sets for Xmas!!! However, I'm the opposite of you in that my queenager says she wants to do the laundry, but I don't think I can face the onslaught of everything being gray-rinsed, washed too hot, or otherwise ruined by a novice.