Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter is here!

The bitter, raw winter is upon us over here in New Hampshire. Every year it totally knocks me off my feet with how cruel, harsh and raw it can be. After living here for 12 years you would think that there would be no shock left..... obviously no!

Of course we are not prepared as the garden clutter needs to be brought in..I'm always hopeful that I may be treated to one more day of having tea in the other words it is called "just pushing your luck!"

I have held off using the thermals but today I had to give in. Braving the bitterness for a ten minute walk this afternoon as the wind whipped around my trousers I have to say that I am glad that leg warmers are coming back into fashion as it will be yet another layer to warm my old bones with. Thanks to Jane Fonda however I do have a personal issue with her too..

In my teens I religiously followed her records & classes "reaching for the burn!"

And yes I did get there however now I hear that all of us 40 ish folk have got arthritis due to the constant pounding on our joints thanks to Jane, her leg warmers & reaching for the burn.

Jane you owe me one!


Almost American said...

After the recent warmth, the cold has come as a bit of a shock here too! I was really surprised to see ice on the river as I drove to work this morning! And then right before lunch we had a fire alarm at work. Not a preplanned one, a real honest-to-goodness false alarm caused by someone burning their lunch in the microwave. Fortunately my coat was handy so I grabbed it on the way out the door - but then I handed it over to someone who not only had no coat but who had somehow thought today would be warm enough for short sleeves and no sweater. Even INSIDE the building it wasn't that warm!

AliBlahBlah said...

We are dealing with much the same thing in Southern California - I'm going to have to bring some stuff in from the garden as we're going to have our first rain of the winter tonight.

I know, the similarities are endless.....