Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories for a Brit.

Hopefully I have not shared these stories with you all before!

My mind is not what it used to be!

About 7 years ago I was picking up number 1 child at school. The children had been learning about Thanksgiving and the Mayflower when one of my friends kinder gardener's said to me "are you a pilgrim?"

She had heard the accent and knew I was from England..bless her!

No I was not wearing my bonnet & praising the lord!

Then I went to the school to watch my kinder gardener in her Thanksgiving play, wow what an enlightening time that was!

Luckily I did not know much about Thanksgiving at the time as this was number one going through the school system...I just knew that everyone in America had family turkey dinners and we all had a few days off.

Well my eyes were certainly opened wide at this school play!

When the kids were shouting "down with the English king & his taxes" I certainly blushed for the whole of England including Scotland, Wales, Ireland and a little of mainland Europe too!

Sometimes the cute accent is not a good thing!

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Expat mum said...

Agreed. My kids did all sorts of pioneer stuff in third grade, and they kept coming home saying did I know that I was the enemy?
I always get my revenge by telling Americans that our Thanksgiving is their Independance Day - the day we got rid of that pesky colony. :-)