Saturday, February 28, 2009

Knickerless in Florida!!!!

Well we have just returned from a week in Disney FL. As always it was a struggle getting packed and out of the door. However, I did make it easier on myself this year by not insisting that the house would be spotless for our return.

(I did regret it on our return home to Cheerios & goldfish clinging to corners of the kitchen floor, as unfortunately for me our cat does not like them!!!

Anyway we left at 2am yes 2am to drive to the city to get a flight......(it was a cheap flight, a Sir L special!)

Of course Mother Nature was enjoying a last laugh at our family the old bat! She decided to throw a little snow storm at 2am, there were no signs of a snowplow anywhere!! Hence it was slow going!

Anyway after having a few delays (as always whenever I fly) we arrive in sunny FL!

Race to our condo and jump in the pool.

I unpacked & to my utter distress I had forgotten my knickers......Sir L's eyes lit up he thought he was on a huge promise!!

To most people this is no big deal such as Sir L's response was "nip to Walmart & buy a 6 pack!"

Sacre Bleu!

However to me the "Underwear Queen" who only wears imported knickers from France or England it was unthinkable. If you get my gist underwear is my thing, I can wear holey clothes, sleep on cheap sheets, eat not so good meat but naff knickers....NEVER!

So I did try on a pair of my daughters which ran a little snug however I figured I may not eat as much junk food at Disney the next day.

Oh I loved Disney as it is just so well done. Its a perfect example of escapism.

It's clean, friendly, courteous staff, spotless, happy, warm & sunny, everything is done to perfection without any stress or so it seems!

Walt you did a great job!

Even though I have to admit Minnie Mouse was flaunting her frilly knickers at me as if she new mine were a little tight!


Almost American said...


I'd be in serious pain if I had to wear DD's knickers!

I think I'd been in the US just a little longer than you before I finally gave in and bought some underwear here! (I had been restocking regularly at M&S!) I knew this was finally home when I was buying knickers and tights here and not comparing them any more to what I'd get in the UK.

Daffodilly said...

Oh my..I do admit I have let alot of other stuff go but I'm holding on for my M & S specials!

AliBlahBlah said...

I too am a devotee of M&S pants, and almost died imaging myself trying on Anna's disney princess knickers. Thanks for the laugh!