Thursday, August 14, 2008

House for rent anyone?

The gardens:

What is this you may ask? A nice stone wall and quaint house?

Well since February we have been restoring a house. We bought it as a foreclosure with half a roof over one of the rooms & a nice piece of tattered tarp covering the walls. Every night Sir L or I would go over & decorate, clean, install fittings, rip out walls etc etc whilst the other parent did the homework, stories, activities, washed dishes and prepared packed lunches. The whole process has taken a hell of a lot longer than we ever they do.
So after very little quality time together, many late nights, multiple stress situations e.g. when the snow finally melted the deck proved to be at the end of its life span and needed replacing & we were out of money, oh yes and a tree falling on one of the outbuildings.. also pops into my mind! We are ready to rent it out.
I just need to have the wood stove hooked up & mow the grass. It is cute and is on 1.6acres close to the beach and village in the lakes region. All the carpets are new & everywhere is freshly painted.
We just need a nice couple or family who love cutting grass once a week for over an hour to move in. The gardens are gorgeous with raspberry and blackberry bushes, apple trees and lots of Black Eyed Susan's with daisies and Lillie's everywhere. In fact I have a romantic notion that my ideal tenant would be a famous author or artist who needs a retreat to focus on their work.......hello here it is your little slice of solitude folks!
Tonight it was listed in the newspaper and so far not one call. It is realistically priced so I am hoping that we get some calls over the weekend.
Cross your fingers everyone or we will be living on pasta all winter!


Almost American said...

Pretty - I hope you find tenants soon!

Janet said...

Having restored an old cottage in England to its former glory I know exactly how long it takes. But it was worth it in the end.

Your house looks lovely, but it's a bit far to commute from Oklahoma. :-)

I hope you find your perfect tennants soon.